Unlock value from your vendors with ONE UP’s new Vendor 360° View

Maintaining solid relationships with your vendors is a critical aspect of running a successful business.

With ONE UP’s new Vendor 360° View, you can see in an instant all of the activity related to each vendor. This unlocks powerful new insight to assist you with building strong relationships with your vendors.

Pay your vendor on time

The Vendor 360° View is handy for seeing unpaid vendor bills. Keeping your vendors paid on time is the single most important way to keep them happy!

Review the history of all expenses and bills paid to this vendor

Your past order history says a lot about your relationship with your vendor. Have you placed a big order in the past? What is the last time you gave them business? Showing loyalty to your vendor can ultimately result in discounts and incentives.

Check POs and receiving notes for effective stock timing

Not sure when you’ll get a product back in stock? See the open purchase orders and receiving notes from your vendor to find out for sure.

Leverage past vendor quotes to make fair negotiations

Nobody wants to get low-balled on a deal. Since you have every vendor quote in ONE UP, you can easily check prices your vendor has quoted you in the past to avoid the faux-pas of asking for a unjustly low deal.

Be your vendor’s friend

Ok, perhaps you don’t need a new feature to get this one right, but it’s important to mention. Don’t be afraid to be friendly with your vendors. Try not to make every communication with them a serious one. The more you get to know them and the more they think of you as a friend, the more good will they’ll be willing to show you when you need it.


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