News From OneUp: Justifying Expenses in a Click

As a small business owner or entrepreneur, you’re probably used to walking around with a wad of receipts tucked into your wallet. You’re also careful to set aside time at the end of each month to go through them attaching each one to the related expenses – a waste of time and billable hours that as a busy business owners you could do without.

OneUp now enables you to justify your business expenses by taking a photo of your paper receipt and uploading it to the app. Using the camera function on your smartphone, users add a picture and then either search for an expense to attach it to or create a new one.


Here’s how the Justify Expenses feature will keep your wallet tidy and your accountant happy:

You’ve just had lunch with one of your clients and need to document the meal as a business expense. As soon as you get your receipt, snap a picture of it with your smartphone and either save it to Google Drive (or any other file management app) or upload it directly to OneUp.


You can either create an expense pertaining to your business lunch or search for an unjustified expense to attach it to. OneUp allows you to add receipts directly from your smartphone or drag-and-drop attachments from your file management app.


You can then trash that paper receipt (we’d rather you recycle!) and rest easy in the knowledge that your expense is documented and tax-ready. The Justify Expenses feature saves you both time and a whole lot of hassle come tax time.


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