News from OneUp: Your Brand New User Page

This week don’t forget to check out your new user page, which keeps all your settings in one place and means you can now edit your basic information and preferences easily.

The page is now conveniently arranged by tab, allowing you to switch between your profile, notifications and preference settings. OneUp allows you to keep your eye on the ball and ensure that your business is run properly, even when your mind is on other things. You can choose when exactly you get notified before an invoice is due, or when a lead is due to expire.


Take a couple of minutes to edit your settings, and then sit back and let OneUp do all the work for you.

In other news, we’ve freshened up the look of OneUp emails for greater readability on a wider variety of browsers and devices, and improved our language options with new Chinese translations and additional options in Turkish for printable documents such as invoices, quotes, and purchase orders.

Stay tuned for more OneUp updates and have a great week!

  • The OneUp team

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