Welcome to the new ONE UP!


We’ve worked hard to bring you this new version of ONE UP. With this version we’ve made a ton of improvements to ONE UP. We listened carefully to users like you to bring new features and enhancements to help you take your business to the next level.


IMPORTANT! Update your User Settings

For security reasons, all non-administrators in your account have been made inactive. In order for your other users to login, an administrator needs to login and set their access level.


What’s new in this version?

Sleek new interface with powerful new search puts all your data at your fingertips


We put a lot of work into bringing a fresh new interface to ONE UP. A big improvement is the unified search and action bar, where you can search for any of your business data or launch any of ONE UP’s actions.

Simplified menus and lists


Now the features you use every day are right at your fingertips. Launch your actions and view your data with grace and simplicity.


Worldwide tax support & 15 languages for invoices


Now international users can invoice their clients in 15 different languages and use 10 different Value-Added taxes like VAT, GST, or IVA.

Email notifications to remind you of due dates


Each time a task is due, an opportunity is expiring, or an invoice payment is due, the assigned user will receive an email reminder.

Work with ONE UP right from your Gmail inbox


For Gmail users, take action from your notifications directly in your inbox with actions buttons inside your subject lines.

In-app chat support with our friendly agents


Every account includes chat support with our friendly and knowledgeable support agents.

360° view of your customer activity and to-do


Stay on top of your Customers or Leads by seeing all of their activity in one screen. Launch actions related to the given customer directly from their home screen

What’s Next!

Customize your invoice


In the coming weeks, we will release our greatest new feature yet!  You will be able to customize the style of your layout to fit the personality of your business.  Send invoices that you are proud of, that match your logo and corporate identity.

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Summer Roadmap

One click accounting from your bank

Connect your ONE UP account to your bank and download your transactions automatically.

Send quotes and invoices by email

Send your quotes and invoices directly to your customer from within ONE UP. No more downloading PDFs and attaching them to emails.

New templates for purchase orders

Send beautiful and clear purchase orders to your vendors.

Customize your quote

Set the style of your quotes to match the personality of your business. Beautiful quotes = more accepted proposals.



-the ONE UP Team 

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