Google Apps clients have trillions to manage with accounting software

In 2014, small businesses that use Google Apps will have a combined yearly revenue of over $5,000B.

That’s  5 trillion dollars. And this is only the start of the story. Across the globe, companies are moving to the cloud at an increasing rate, a trend which is even more prevalent among small businesses.

The client base of ONE UP represents a significant cross-section of the Google Apps Marketplace. Our analysis of 80,000 small businesses, of between one and 100 employees, that have our cloud ERP solution installed highlights the financial potential of provisioning cloud solutions to SMBs.

With its incredible flexibility, cloud computing has become the most strategic enterprise application solution for businesses. Industry research supports our findings, with Gartner forecasting that the bulk of corporate IT expenditure will be on cloud services by 2016.

Currently, nearly 4,000,000 of the 5 million businesses using Google Apps have fewer than ten employees, so many decisions on budgets for accounting, billing and CRM solutions are made by the owners themselves. Compared to an expensive annual software purchase, a cloud solution with monthly billing is a far more manageable investment for a small business owner spending his or her own money.

Moreover, migrating is relatively simple with a small dataset, which is why we see a higher cloud adoption rate for small businesses than for larger corporations. To put it into context, a coffee shop using an offline accounting solution, like an Excel spreadsheet, could easily migrate to a well-designed cloud accounting solution, such as ONE UP. Not only that, but we’d also consolidate their expenses and invoice and inventory management.

So why are we even looking at these stats?

The potential benefit of cloud computing for small business goes far beyond email and document sharing, which is the entry point for most companies at the moment. A global shift towards cloud financial solutions has given rise to a rapid expansion of FinTech startups and financial giants vying for marketshare in areas such as mobile payments, digital currencies and online transactions.

Yet Google Apps, despite the fact that it plays a key role in corporate IT with Gmail, Google Docs and Google Sites, still doesn’t offer its own accounting software or billing app. If we consider that the clients of Google Apps are managing $5,000B, the growth opportunity for an online accounting and billing solution within this marketplace is immense.

The incentive for small businesses to use cloud financial solutions is even stronger when these can be integrated with their other enterprise applications, which is why ONE UP is the most installed Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution in the Google Apps Marketplace. ONE UP is an all-in-one accounting, invoicing, expenses, inventory, CRM and project management solution, and it’s already empowering over 300,000 small business users around the world.

Announcing the ONE UP Partner Program

ONE UP has been a part of the expansion of the Google Apps Marketplace and the growth of small business cloud adoption for three years. As part of our involvement with the 2014 Google Global Partner Summit, we’re announcing our Partner Program. Approved Partners will be expected to host a dedicated ONE UP page on their company website and actively promote our cloud ERP solution to their clients. In return, Partners will receive a free ONE UP subscription for demonstration purposes and a margin of 35% on the official ONE UP subscription price.

If you want to ride the wave of Google Apps and are passionate about helping small businesses be successful, sign up to ONE UP’s Partner Program.

Small businesses using Google Apps will have over $5,000B in combined revenue in 2014.

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