Four Simple Tips to Attract New Clients

Whether you’re just starting out or already have several years of experience under your belt, the evolution of traditional accounting services is a challenge for everyone in the business. At a time of great change it’s essential to rethink your current strategy. What are the best ways to appeal to new clients while retaining your current customer base?


Advertise your value

Every modern CPA firm has a website allowing them to promote their business while advertising the variety of services they offer. Think of your internet presence as a virtual business card for new collaborators and clients alike, while ensuring that your brand identity is clear, consistent and easily recognisable.

Focus on your speciality

Hone in on what makes you special. When you think about what your CPA firm does best, which particular services come to mind? If there’s one thing that you’re recognised for in your local business community – be it your knowledge of the nonprofit sector, transport or transborder mergers – make sure the word gets out.

Branch out

Get out of your comfort zone. Accounting firms are repositories of the kind of knowledge that businesses value and are there are many different ways to monetize this. Offering busy professionals and entrepreneurs personalized financial management services that go beyond what CPAs traditionally offer is a great way to ensure your continued relevance in an increasingly competitive market.

Strengthen your existing relationships

Mobile technology has had a considerable impact on the way clients communicate with you. A relationship of trust and one-to-one attention is certainly important, but in the era of accounting 3.0, it’s just not enough any more. The collaborative accounting solution OneUp simplifies your working day while providing clients with the 24/7 access they need. What’s not to love? Check out what OneUp has to offer at


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