Focus on your Opportunities and close your sales with ONE UP Opportunity 360° View

myERP's Opportunity 360° View

You may have already found that ONE UP’s 360° View for Leads indispensable for building strong relationships with your leads and moving fast to close those deals. But have you ever had multiple deals going on at a time with a lead and needed to focus more closely on a single opportunity?

ONE UP’s new Opportunity 360° View is here to help you dive deeper into each deal and give it the care it deserves.

The key to success is building a stong strategy for your sales opportunities. This includes:

  • scheduling first calls with your contacts
  • delivering proposals
  • following up on proposals
  • sending quotes
  • following up on quotes and closing the deal

By staying in close contact with your lead, you can ensure a higher success rate on your prospects.

The Opportunity 360° View is now available on ALL ONE UP accounts. Just click the name of your opportunity from your list of opportunities and see the steps you need to take to turn your prospects into SALES!

Here’s to your success!

-the ONE UP Team

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