Employee Selector – Bringing Your Teamwork to the Next Level

In a small business, every employee’s contribution is important to the success of the company. That’s why ONE UP has been designed for collaborating with your coworkers. Within the app, you can assign things like calls, tasks and deliveries to your coworkers to avoid duplication of work— or, even worse— missed opportunities.

Our latest update means you can now narrow your lists down to a particular employee throughout ONE UP. So, as a manager for example, you can always check that your team isn’t drowning under their workload. As an individual, you can use this filter to view just those tasks, customers and orders which are connected to your own employee profile, making it quicker and easier to focus on what matters to you.


This gives you a balance of collaboration and autonomy within your team. You’ll see the Employee Selector in all of the following areas of ONE UP:

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To start focusing on the information you need, simply click the new Employee Selector option in the top-right section of your lists. This feature is available on ONE UP Plus accounts and higher, with 2 or more users.

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