Choose your features and make ONE UP your own!

Have you found you use certain ONE UP features more than others? Don’t let unwanted features get in the way, now you can turn them on and off with the new Choose Features options.

Let’s see some example of how this can be handy. What if your business doesn’t track stock levels of your products? Just switch off Inventory and all of the irrelevant parts of ONE UP will be hidden from sight.

Or, what if you already record your books outside of ONE UP? Just turn off Accounting and all those references to accounting will bother you no more!


How to customize ONE UP for your business

Just open Settings > Choose Features and select what you want. But note, this is only available for administrator users and affects all users inside your account.

Here are the options you can enable and disable:

Track leads and opportunities and close more sales. Turn “won” opportunities into personalized quotes and email them to your new customers.”

Create beautiful customized invoices and email them to your customers to get paid fast. Get email notifications for any past-due invoice.

Organize your tasks to increase productivity and profit. If used with sales feature, you can use “Bill Time” to bill your projects effortlessly.

Connect ONE UP to your bank to download expenses and reconcile your accounts in zero time. Worry-free accounting automatically entered while you work.

Create purchase orders and send them to your vendors. Keep track of vendor bills and pay them on time to keep your vendors happy.

Prepare and ship customer orders on time, easily re-order products and keep tight control over your inventory levels.

*Inventory features only shown for PLUS and higher subscription levels.

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