Boost your productivity with ONE UP Dashboards!

myERP's Powerful New Dashboards

For the past couple of months, we’ve been working to bring you a powerful new feature to put critical information at your fingertips and to let you customize ONE UP to be more productive every day, no matter if you are at your desk or on the move. Announcing ONE UP’s powerful new dashboards!

Six dashboards to enhance the way you work.

Each area in ONE UP now has a customizable dashboard that you can tailor to your individual style of working. There are 6 dashboards in total:

  • Opportunities – for tracking your potential customers and closing your sales
  • Sales – for order tracking, invoicing, and customer payments
  • Projects – for organizing and billing current projects
  • Expenses – for recording the outflows for your business
  • Purchasing – for ordering products and paying bills
  • Inventory – for optimizing the products you have in stock and shipping/receiving orders

Let’s take a look at the Opportunities Dashboard, for example. You can set up your Opportunity Tasks widget to display the “To do” tasks, and in one click, you can see the list of tasks needed to close your sales.

ONE UP Opportunities Dashboard

ONE UP Opportunities Dashboard

Each dashboard gives you an instant overview of the most important information about your operations. The Sales Dashboard, for example, lets you see how many orders are waiting to be invoiced, how much cash you’ve received so far this month, and how many invoices are awaiting payment from your customers.

ONE UP Sales Dashboard

ONE UP Sales Dashboard



Everyone gets what they want.

Each of your coworkers has their own responsibilities at your company, so of course everyone wants to have instant access to the information that’s most relevant for them. Dashboards let each user customize their workflow for their individual needs.

Let’s say your company distributes goods, and it’s your job to pick and dispatch deliveries and receive stock. To minimize delays, you should set up your dashboards to display undelivered sales orders and unreceived purchase orders:


Meanwhile, your co-worker’s responsibility is to keep an eye on your company’s sales and purchase bookings. They would choose to display un-invoiced sales orders and un-billed purchase orders:


Every widget in the dashboards can be configured in this way. So try it today! Dashboards are now available directly inside your account.

If you haven’t gotten a ONE UP account yet, you can experience the new dashboards when you sign up for a Free Trial of ONE UP.


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