A day with ONE UP

Jennifer Arrojo, Flower Shop Owner and Tennis Champ 

Here is my day with ONE UP

Checking my daily Opportunities… – 9:00 AM

It’s first thing Monday morning, and I’m checking the sales I want to close this week. I go to my list of open opportunities to see who I need to follow up with. My lead John is ready for me to make an offer, I open my opportunity and set it to “Won”. This lets me generate a quote automatically with one click! I love it!


Checking on my Customer Steven! – 9:15 AM

One of my customers, Steven, calls to discuss a quote I sent him last week. I just search for him in the search box, there I can see everything about him: open quotes, current invoices, open sales orders, and payments that are due.

Steven and I negotiate a bit and I update his quote, then convert it to an invoice.  Sometimes I make invoices from quotes, and other times I make them on the fly, and ONE UP is fast either way.


It’s the end of the month, Accounting done – 5 seconds! – 1:00 PM

It’s the end of the month, and today I want to make sure our accounting is done. We import our bank statement and convert the transactions into Expenses. ONE UP categorizes my expenses automatically based on our spending history. A whole month of transactions done in 5 seconds!

I use the Balance Sheet and Profit and Lost report a lot to see all sorts of things. How much we’re currently owed, and how much we’ve spent in each expense account. This was a very profitable month.


Automatic Stock Reordering – 6:00 PM

Last thing today, I run Automatic Inventory Ordering in ONE UP to make purchase orders to replenish the stock I sold the previous week. This ensures I never buy too much product… just enough to satisfy my customer orders.


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