What’s New in ONE UP – March 2014

myERP's new Categorized Search

This month we’ve released lots of extra functionality to help you make the most of your workday. You can now find things faster with a categorized search system, view monetary totals in tabs, access newly redesigned Vendor Quotes, and print documents in Swedish. Read on!


Find what you need faster with Categorized Search

You guys have always told us that ONE UP’s search is awesome at helping you find anything in your business. We’ve just made it even better with Categorized Search.

ONE UP's new Categorized Search

ONE UP’s new Categorized Search

Now, when you “Search For…” anything in ONE UP, your results are displayed in a tabbed layout. It’s broken down by the type of result so, for example, you can specifically look at your expenses, your customers or your receipts, and narrow down your search to find exactly what you’re looking for. Give it a try!


See instant insights with Totals in Tabs

Sometimes you need more than a simple count of results, so we’re helping you understand your data better with monetary totals in tabs. This will be really useful to you when you’re thinking about things like:

ONE UP's new Totals in Tabs

ONE UP’s new Totals in Tabs

You will now see monetary totals everywhere where tabs are used in ONE UP. Unfortunately, monetary totals in tabs are not yet available for multi-currency accounts. We’ll update you as soon as this feature becomes available!


Match your Vendor Quotes to your Purchase Orders

Most companies use Vendor Quotes to keep a record of price estimates from their suppliers. Within ONE UP, you can use this Quote to create a Purchase Order in 1 click.

Keeping a record of these Vendor Quotes is a good idea and we thought it would be nice if they matched the Purchase Orders in ONE UP, so we’ve refreshed the template for you. If you use Vendor Quotes, make sure you try out the new look!


New Vendor Quote Template

New Vendor Quote Template


Takk! Swedish Printing Support

We’re really happy to announce that ONE UP has just opened its doors to customers in Sweden! ONE UP is now able to print most documents in Swedish using the local Moms VAT. To use Swedish, just change the printing language in Company Settings.


Swedish Quote in ONE UP

Swedish Quote in ONE UP

Want More?

If you’re scanning our updates each month hoping for a particular new ONE UP feature, our Product team would love to hear what you’re waiting for!

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