5 Steps To Make Your Working Day More Productive

As a small business owner, freelancer or solo entrepreneur, you’re often juggling dozens of things at once. Getting ready for new launches, communicating with suppliers and collaborators, keeping on top of your admin, while continuing to work on your customer relations, hone your communication skills and keep up with the latest technological advances. It’s not surprising it sometimes all gets a bit too much.

Help is at hand however. We can’t tell you how to fit extra hours into the day, but we can provide you with a few easy tips and tricks can ensure it is as productive as possible.

Learn to Manage Your Time


The best business minds on the planet will tell you that the secret to high productivity is perfect organisation. Set out clear goals, identify high-priority tasks and factor in time spent communicating with others for instant results.

Schedule Breaks


When setting up your time management scheme be sure to factor in breaks and stick to them. Regular time out will help you focus and come back to ideas with a fresh viewpoint. We humans aren’t made to sit around all day so be sure to stand up and do a couple of stretches once in awhile. Your brain will thank you for it.

Keep Your Stuff Organised


We’re moving towards paper-free offices but few of us are quite there yet. In the meantime, an orderly desk will help you focus and keep a clear mind. Also, that half-empty coffee mug that’s been there for a week? You know that’s just an accident waiting to happen.

Ration Your Social Media Time


Unless your job actually involves scrolling through social media feeds, constantly checking your accounts can be a huge drain on your time. Your cousin’s baby photos can wait: turn off notifications, set out designated social media breaks and watch your productivity rocket.

Automate Your Accounting and Admin


It’s 2016 and there is no longer any reason to spend hours manually entering accounting figures, scrutinising your bank account to identify transactions or kicking yourself because you forgot to follow up on an all-important lead.

OneUp automates 95% of your accounting, allows you to create, customise and send quotes and invoices in mere seconds, and ensures you never miss an important call. Basically the best personal assistant ever, starting at just $9 per month.

Want to find out more about how we can help you become a happier and more productive business owner? OneUp, the fastest online accounting software on the market, is the ideal tool to help you. Start your free trial now and join our worldwide community of over 700,000 business professionals!

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