5 Reasons Automated Accounting Is Great News For You As a CPA

When cloud-based accounting software promises to “Do your accounting for you” and “Eliminate the need for an accountant” it’s difficult as a CPA not to feel threatened. Here at OneUp we believe that combining expertise and experience with powerful software is a winning formula for you, your collaborators and your clients.

Here’s why as a CPA you should be thinking about moving towards automated accounting:

1- It Saves You Time


Automatic accounting software virtually eliminates the need for manual accounting entries, thus saving you time that can be spent on building client relationships, honing internal organisation and picking out that perfect new coffee machine for the office. Basically, that time is yours to use as you see fit – and there are far more important ways to spend it than in front of a screen manually entering data.

2 – It Saves You Money

Doing stuff the old-fashioned way can be creative, relaxing and fun – when it comes to photography or building treehouses with your family. The same just isn’t true for data entry. Not only is it boring and repetitive, it’s also expensive, because you’ve got to pay someone to do it. With plans starting at under $10 a month, switching to automated accounting is so much better for your budget.

3- There’s No Scope For Human Error


We’ve all done it – you’re staying late at the office, your mind is on other things, or you’re more interested in the contents of your lunchtime sandwich than what’s on the screen in front of you. It takes a fraction of a second – but a tiny slip-up can cost you thousands of dollars down the line. Automatic accounting software virtually eliminates the risk of human error.

4- It’s Important To Move With The Times

In some ways your clients are just like your kids – they’re tech-savvy, connected and are always bugging you for the latest gear.

Many are no longer happy to hand over their accounts and let you get on with it – they want easy real-time updates and need to feel involved. Automatic accounting software allows you to connect seamlessly with your clients while retaining your brand identity.

5 – It Keeps Everyone Happy


You and your coworkers get inexpensive, precise and risk-free data. Your clients get the connectivity and access they need. What’s not to love? Check out what OneUp has to offer at http://www.oneup.com/accountants – and don’t hesitate to contact us at support@oneup.com with any questions!

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