10 Major Benefits of Cloud Accounting

The benefits of automated accounting no longer need to be proven. A recent study by Capterra showed that while many SMEs are avid users of technology, over half prefer to stick to desktop-based software.

The time has come to move on. Cloud-based accounting, which moves your accounting and data to the digital realm, saves you time and money while increasing your productivity. Why not take a lot at the following 10 major benefits?


Cloud-based software means no more time consuming downloads or updates. It’s easy, intuitive and there’s next to no adaptation time. Create an account, fill in your info and off you go!

Cutting-edge technology

As a small business owner, the cloud provides you with the kind of technology that used to be reserved for major players. Dedicated teams working continually to improve features and keep everything updated mean that you always have access to the latest technology.

Scalability and flexibility

Your cloud accounting software grows with your business: you can sign up for extra services and add more collaborators according to your needs. Most cloud-based services also allow you to integrate partner software, allowing you to create a personalized ecosystem for your business.

Huge savings

Cloud accounting keeps your costs under control. You no longer need to invest in pricey software and equipment that goes with it. A monthly plan means that there are no hidden costs, upkeep or bad surprises. Updates are free and instantaneous.

Optimal responsiveness

Cloud accounting enables you to keep a constant eye on your business, providing you with a clear view of your current financial position in real time. The data you work with is accurate and up-to-date.

Easy collaboration

Real-time collaboration is one of the biggest benefits of cloud-based accounting, making it easy to work online with your team and advisors. Some accounting software, including OneUp, allows you to transfer documents to your vendors and clients directly from within the app.

Make your accountant happy!

Scan your supporting documents and share them with you accountant in next to no time. You have the choice between managing your daily accounting tasks yourself or working aside your accountant, with cloud-based software allowing you to customise your level of involvement.

World-class security

You may be concerned about having a third-party provider storing your data, but the cloud is a whole lot safer than your personal storage system. With specialised datacenters where everything is taken care of to avoid hackings or outages, your information is in good hands. Data is routinely backed-up.

Manage your business from anywhere

Whether you’re in the office, at home or on a business trip you can take care of your daily tasks when you need to while accessing real-time data. You can even accept payments from your mobile device!

Do more business

Thanks to precise real-time data, teams using cloud-based accounting software can do more in less time. Greater collaboration possibilities will also have a great impact on your productivity.


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